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Well considering we have not yet officially opened the hospital it has been a BIG week. The first part of the week was routine pre operative screening and final clean and set up of the hospital and operating rooms.

Wednesday night we had an open house for the hospital deck, it was an opportunity for the crew not working in the hospital to come down to deck 3 and see what we do. It was so much fun, in the lab we did finger prick blood grouping tests for everyone and a few fun games like guess where the parasite lives. The wards had lots of exciting things to do and see- the ortho team had wooden "bones" that they were allowing people to drill into, the operating team had an OR set up with fake surgery for
people to try, the radiology team were putting people on the CT scanner and the wards had "patients" for people to "care" for. It was a big hit with the crew and lots of fun- busy for the staff but we had a ball too.

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One of our first interesting cases was a male in his 20's with a tumor on his jaw bone about the size of a tennis ball. He presented for routine blood and had a hemoglobin of 50 (normal is >130), it appears he has been bleeding from his site for a long time. In Australia we would have
admitted him and given 3-4 units packed cells urgently. Unfortunately the hospital was in no way ready to have patients so it was decided that he would be sent to the local hospital for a transfusion and then we could go
ahead with his surgery next week as planned.
When the staff got him to the hospital they were told that for every unit transfused he would need 2 family members to donate to the hospital blood bank. This sounds like a great way to keep the blood bank fully stocked but it was not an option for this we bled 2 crew members and sent the blood to the hospital and they transfused him for us. It was a wonderful example of Mercy Ships working with the local medical support to help the patients.

Please remember to keep Lorrie and Peter Garfield in your prayers while on their Journey on the Mercy Ship in Cameroon.




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