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A 30 Day Lenten Challenge For Men!!

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Do you want tomorrow to be better than today?

Are you willing to do what it takes to become a better man for yourself, your family, your church and those around you?

This Lent we all want you to RISE to the challenge!

Visit the website to find out what it's about:
RISE Australian Edition

Receive powerful daily videos and practical content whilejourneying through Lent.

The RISE 30 Day Challenge begins on:

Wednesday February 14th

Registration is $44 which you can easily cover with the savings from giving up something small for Lent - coffee, chocolate, beer, wine, soft drink, whatever.

For 4 Saturdays in Lent starting February 24th you are also invited to join with other men in the parish to check out the longer weekly video, share some thoughts and prayer and then enjoy a free breakfast at the Parish Centre!

If you need more information contact
Doug Black 0408 571 100

Take the Challenge!!

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Find a way to RISE!


















Lenten Journey to Easter

This Lent the Parish is offering two powerful small group experiences.......

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation is a way to awaken to the reality and the nearness of God and these sessions were warmly received last Lent. Recorded introductory talks on Christian Meditation in the John Main OSB tradition, and an experience of meditation as a prayer discipline, will be offered on five Wednesdays during the Lenten season
beginning February 21st at 10.50am at the Priory.

The World Community for Christian Meditation, under the guidance of Fr Laurence Freeman OSB, currently has numerous meditation groups meeting weekly in 130 countries and in Australia there are over 400 meditation groups.

The presenter, Evelyn Reinehr, has been involved in the Christian Meditation Community in various roles since 1985 before retiring to Echuca in 2016.

Faith Circles Gatherings

During Lent this year we will be offering the Faith Circles program. Each week’s discussion will be based on the weekly Gospel reading and will include discussion and prayer. The focus will be on sharing our own personal faith story and relationship with Jesus as evidence has shown that the more we are able to share the story of our relationship with God, the stronger and deeper our relationship with Him becomes. We draw encouragement from hearing ourselves naming God’s presence in our lives and hearing how God has been present and active in the lives of others.

These gatherings will be held weekly at the Parish Centre Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm and beginning 20th February. 

There will be another Faith Circle program running in parallel on Wednesday afternoons at the St Mary's School Auditorium at 2.45pm for those who prefer afternoons.

Everyone is warmly invited to come along and
participate in one or both of these groups and so
further develop your relationship with our God this














Fashion Parade 2018


 The proceeds of this event will help with the   purchase of the new screens in the Church so please come along and give your support!













 2017 Parish Expo 1



What a great celebration of our community!!

Thanks to all who were involved - set up stalls, organised talent, liaised, cooked food, served drinks, played music or simply came along!!

2017 Parish Expo 2

Special thanks to Christine, our tireless Pastoral Associate, and Colleen, our Parish Office Manager, for their amazing efforts because, without their organisational work, the Expo would not have got off the ground!! 

Some of the comments afterwards:

'It was an amazing celebration!’

'A “coming together "of the many groups in our Parish.'

'An excellent day.'

'The best event we have ever been to in the parish!' 

'Wonderful to see so many families with their young children.'


2017 Parish Expo 3

 For more photos go to the Gallery Page and open

2017 Parish Expo or just click HERE



















We believe that together we CAN make a difference, starting with small acts of kindness and hospitality and becoming a collective voice demanding more compassionate asylum seeker policies.

Make a tax deductible donation to CAPSA today!


A joint Catholic statement on the humanitarian crisis on Manus


Manus Island

A week after the official closure of the Manus Island detention centre, more than 600 refugees and people seeking asylum languish inside, unsafe and uncertain about their futures.

Today CAPSA joined with Jesuit Social Services, Catholic Social Services Australia and Jesuit Refugee Services to call on our government to stop the cruelty and bring every refugee and person seeking asylum from Manus to Australia.

We urge all Australians to express their concern for the desperate circumstances of the men on Manus Island by contacting your local federal MP to demand an immediate change to this expensive, unworkable and unprincipled policy.

You can read the full statement here.

What you can do about the crisis on Manus

Many of our supporters have asked what they can do about the crisis on Manus. Here's three actions you can do:

  1. Read and share the work of Behrouz Boochani - Behrouz is a Kurdish journalist who has been detained on Manus Island by the Australian government since August 2013. He gives first hand accounts of what is happening on Manus and speaks truth to our politiicans. You can find him on Twitter @BehrouzBoochani
  2. Write a letter to your local MP - Getup is calling on its members to write to local MPs, so they are aware of the broad public support to  #BringThemHere. You can write to your MP here.
  3. Attend a local action - across the country people are organising rallies, vigils and other actions to stand with the men on Manus. Check out the Australian Refugee Action Network site for your local action.

Recommended Reading & Viewing

A merciless fear provoked by last night's events has gripped the Manus Island camp - The Guardian - Behrouz Boochani

Diary of disaster: the last days inside Manus Island detention centre - The Guardian - Behrouz Boochani

Fr Frank Brennan speaks out about the closure of Manus Processing Centre - Catholic Social Services Australia [video]

'Never been more traumatised': 72-year-old nun recounts Manus Island visit - Fairfax Media - Doug Dingwall














child safety

Critical Information—we need YOU!

It is a Victorian Government legal requirement that all organisations implement Child Safe Standards.
Our Parish is a place of welcome, where each person is respected and valued, and where we as a community, support and protect each other. We take particular care for the wellbeing of those who are vulnerable, maybe because of age, illness or by their individual capacity.
Our CHILD SAFE POLICY, CODE OF CONDUCT and other relevant policies and procedures ensure the safety and wellbeing of all at Parish activities. All staff and all volunteers must understand what is expected of them.

All volunteers, particularly those with roles that may involve contact with children and young people are required to read and return a signed copy of the CODE OF CONDUCT and present a valid WWCC to the Parish Office for recording.

The CHILD SAFE POLICY and CODE OF CONDUCT are available on the website, copies can also be obtained from the Parish Office.
Over the coming weeks volunteers will be asked to complete an online training module on protecting children and vulnerable adults and attend an induction session.
We anticipate that by year’s end all members of our Ministries and Groups will be credited ensuring that St Mary’s Parish has fulfilled all requirement.




























Do you know of anyone who could use some help to clean up their yard, mow the lawn or weed the garden or maybe there are some other odd jobs that need doing?

Some of the fellas in the parish want to help out if there is anyone who really needs this sort of help so if you know of someone just call:

Matt McLindon 0414731319


Brendan Shingles 0437941620


Doug Black 0408571100 


... and they will organise something for you!
















Divine Renovation Book

"This book is a 'tour de force' - a must read! Fr. James speaks from experience: vibrant parish renewal is not only essential, it is possible!"  ~ Very Rev. Scot McCaig CC, General Superior, Companions of the Cross



Note from Doug Black - Parish Pastoral Council:

Our Church and Parishes have been described as "gentle institutions in a long, gentle decline.”

This is certainly confronting and quite depressing (“de-moralising” you might say!) but it does highlight the need for us to “open our eyes” and act proactively to meet this challenge…..the need for change. The change and the actions need to happen from individual, from parish and community upwards to be most effective and relevant in today’s society. Pope Francis is doing an amazing job in facilitating change from the top and we need to follow his lead.

But how do we change our Parish to meet these challenges? One place to start is to read this book and see where that leads you! .....You won't regret it! 


You can learn more about Divine Renovation by clicking HERE
















Are You Interested Sept 2017






Come and See 


Come and See Masses continue to be a draw for many families who participate actively in these Masses.

We need input from as many as possible to make this a sustainable alternative for our St Mary’s Parish family.





 “What a peaceful and prayerful mass!”

“The mass was very personal and emotional.”

”That is the best mass I have been to in many years.”

“I was very touched by the stories shared by parishioners.”

These reflections were made by people after one of our Come & See Mass on Sunday afternoon. Thank you to those people who contributed in making it such a special Mass, those who shared stories of the shepherds in their lives, those who made soups, served, cleaned and especially to Paul at the school who sets up and packs up for us each month.


A quote from Vince Fusti who has attended a few of the Come and See Masses:

"I hadn't been to Mass for years - except for funerals, weddings and baptisms but I really enjoy the Come and See Masses and feel welcomed and comfortable there". 


Come and see…










St. Mary’s Social Justice News


 refugees are human beings




In recent years the parish Social Justice Team has been a small but very active and effective group.

We have raised huge amounts of money for Caritas; worked with local organisations regarding homelessness and the provision of street swags and actively promoted Aboriginal Reconciliation.

Our advocacy for refugees has culminated in the Rural Australians for Refugees Echuca/Moama.

The Team went into unofficial recession last year while we formed the RAR. 

We are now looking to reform the Social Justice Team so we can actively live out our Gospel call to live justly, and to fulfil the call of Pope Francis to be a church that reaches out to those in need.

If you are interested in being part of this group or supporting the group in some way please join us 

or contact

Christine Sebire 0411672645















Cath News Logo


Cath News is a great resource for keeping up to date with issues relevant to Catholics throughout Australia and the rest of the World.


CathNews is your daily news service but also includes Mass, prayer, meditation, reflections, opinion and reviews. 

CathNews is the most frequently visited Catholic website in Australia, providing a mix of news, opinions, features and prayer.

And, what's more - it's free!

You can subscribe to the daily Bulletin to receive by email or access it via other social media methods. It is an honest, fresh and concise update of important issues.


Check it out at





















        baptism 3


We welcome to our faith this weekend:


Heath James


son of


Lucas and Veronica Denton 


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