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December News - Important Child Safety Information













child safety

Critical Information—we need YOU!

It is a Victorian Government legal requirement that all organisations implement Child Safe Standards.
Our Parish is a place of welcome, where each person is respected and valued, and where we as a community, support and protect each other. We take particular care for the wellbeing of those who are vulnerable, maybe because of age, illness or by their individual capacity.
Our CHILD SAFE POLICY, CODE OF CONDUCT and other relevant policies and procedures ensure the safety and wellbeing of all at Parish activities. All staff and all volunteers must understand what is expected of them.

All volunteers, particularly those with roles that may involve contact with children and young people are required to read and return a signed copy of the CODE OF CONDUCT and present a valid WWCC to the Parish Office for recording.

The CHILD SAFE POLICY and CODE OF CONDUCT are available on the website, copies can also be obtained from the Parish Office.
Over the coming weeks volunteers will be asked to complete an online training module on protecting children and vulnerable adults and attend an induction session.
We anticipate that by year’s end all members of our Ministries and Groups will be credited ensuring that St Mary’s Parish has fulfilled all requirement.




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