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God Live In Us!

What You Need to Check Out This Week !!

1. BETA is here!!! Want to have a fun evening, having a meal and drinks with friends, watching a thought-provoking film clip and then sharing some great discussion about the clip over tean and coffee and dessert? Come along to our first BETA evening! For more details click HERE

2.There is important information concerning child safety in our Parish located on the News pages of the website HERE  All volunteers in our Parish whose work may involve interaction with children need to read the information and return a signed copy of the Code of Conduct to the Parish Office before they can work as a volunteer.The Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct Form to be Signed by all Parish Volunteers can be found HERE

3.Have you heard about DIVINE RENOVATION - a way to change a Parish into a thriving Parish community full of Missionary Disciples? Check out the News Page HERE

4. What do you really know about the Catholic Women's League. The CWL is a very dynamic and active group within our parish and they are very happy to welcome new members at any time. To find out more click  HERE

5. Are you passionate about SOCIAL JUSTICE? Do you want to join the equally passionate Social Justice team and help make a difference? Click HERE  for more information                                                   

6. For daily inspiration and exposure to scripture in an easy, user-friendly and thought-provoking way have a look at PRAY AS YOU GO. You can check it out HERE or you can find the link on our LINKS page

7. Have a look at the PARISH CALENDAR on the Our Calendar page to find the dates, times and venues for various Parish activities and functions. 

8. Who is getting married in our Church this weekend? Who are we welcoming into our faith through Baptism? Who is celebrating a milestone Anniversary or Birthday? Go HERE to find out!! 


           Blossoms and sunstream St Marys



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